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Can You Really Afford Not To Get Professional Spray Tanning Training?


Every day I receive phone calls from possible new students wanting to learn airbrush tanning and I always have to explain what makes my airbrush tanning training program different then other programs and why I charge more then other programs.  I am always happy to explain on the phone and also wanted to express my thoughts about this here on my blog for everyone to read.

I know many people always think that they can learn airbrush tanning on their own but I want you to really think about this – can you really afford not to get professional training?

Here are 3 phone calls I received yesterday:

  • received a phone call from a spa owner who currently has several spray tanning technicians and the owner mentioned that all of the technicians spray inconsistently.  The owner was concerned because everyone sprays the way they want and sometimes technicians miss areas and one person sprays with a lot of spray and another sprays with little spray. And clients complain because when they pay for each spray tan, they expect the tan to come out the same way each time.
  • also got a call from a person who thought she could teach herself but then already ruined her reputation by spray tanning a few people orange and she does not understand why.  She explained that sometimes the tans turn out great and other times it turns orange and she can’t understand why.  She uses the same product each time.  Now she feels insecure and is afraid each time she spray tans and hoping that the spray tans will turn out ok.
  • another call is from a person who purchased a spray tanning machine and did research on spray tanning solution and she thinks she uses the best spray tanning solution on the market, however she can’t figure out why the spray tanning solution splashes all over and the clients looks speckled and extremely dark, wet and sticky for many hours. And the tans only last 3 days and fade so horrible that it looks like a skin disease.

I get calls like this on a daily basis and some of those answers I only share with my students who sign up for my spray tanning training program.

So here is my professional opinion: The truth is you do need training on airbrush tanning.  There is a lot you need to know.  When you are a trained professional you will stand out and get lot’s of business.  People will come to you instead of the other untrained professional.  Clients will rave about your spray tans and give you lot’s of referrals and you will make all the money, instead of an untrained professional.  When you are trained you feel more confident as well and you can charge higher rates than an untrained professional. And as a trained professional you can start this business immediately because it will boost your confidence because you know about everything there is to know.

Listen to my newest video testimonial I received my recent student:

Watch this video...

There is so much to learn in this business, especially about skin types, solution formulas and how to match the right formula to the different skin types and if you don’t know this then you can turn people orange.  You can not guess someone’s skin types.  There are very specific questions you must ask your clients in order for you to determine their skin types.  If you don’t find out their correct skin type and then use a wrong formula on them, you can turn them orange.

In addition, you need to learn how to use the spray gun, which is your tool to give a great tan.  There are many different guns on the market and not all of them spray great.  If you don’t know the settings or spray tanning technique then you can turn someone orange.  I’ve been hearing stories from people who spray 3 times more the solution needed and  that affects your profit margin.

You could probably teach yourself how to airbrush tan within 6 month to 1 year, however do you realize that during that learning curve you are not making any money because you are afraid to charge the appropriate amount of money.  You are not confident enough to charge, because in your mind you don’t feel good enough to charge appropriately yet because you are still learning.

So I ask you again – can you really afford not to get professional training? Do you really want to ruin your reputation before you even had a chance to start?

If you are still not convinced about my airbrush tanning course then please see a recent comment below from two of my students who were trained by me – this was taken from our private Facebook group – I continuously support all my students in the Facebook group because I care about their successes:




I hope you can see the value of going through my spray tanning course.  Do your research, check out my own reviews and my 150 + students reputation and their 5 star ratings and I hope you are convinced that you can not afford not to get professional training.

My spray tanning training program is private training and hands-on and all the materials, videos, technique and coaching has taken me years to perfect and I am sharing all of this with all of my students.  Because this is hands-on training, I can only take on 2 students in each class.  If I would do group training with lot’s of more students, we would never have time for all students to receive the hands-on training with spray tanning the models. I know from experience that is takes several models for each student to remember the spray tanning technique. Spray tanning one model only is not enough and you will learn your own bad habits down the road.

Hopefully I explained my point of view here a bit but if you are still not convinced and have more questions, I welcome phone calls all the time.  Feel free to call or text me at (818) 674-9621.  Thanks for your time reading this.

Example Video on Airbrush Tanning Training


Because I get many phone calls from students inquiring on how the spray tanning training is done, I decided to make a quick video demonstrating how the airbrush tanning training is done at the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  The spray tanning training is very hands-on and I am actually right next to students guiding them in every step and of course correcting them when they don’t do something right.  I know many of my students always think that learning airbrush tanning is easy and it is…but you actually need to practice with the spray gun and practice spraying models in order to get comfortable with the gun.  And also knowing all the details on how the solution reacts on different skin types since the outcome is different depending on what skin type the person is.

This video was taken with Nikki Bee, one of my previous student from Las Vegas.

Watch this video...

Now you are probably wondering…what makes my spray tanning technique different from other spray tanning techniques out there?  You just have to come and learn from me and let me show you but here are some of the pointers:

If you learn my spray tanning technique:

  • your clients will be dry immediately once you are done with spray tanning them
  • you will not use any barrier cream on hands and feet and yes, we do spray hands and feet to make them look very natural
  • we don’t need to use any sticky feet so you can save approximately $.75 cents for each client
  • we don’t need to use prep spray at all and yes, all spray tans turn out great
  • your studio, room or location will stay clean and overspray will not stick to walls and floor
  • you will not enhale a lot of overspray saving your lungs from getting ill
  • you save money on solution because the way others teach, you would have to use double on the solution
  • plus your tans will look flawless, even if you are a beginner

I hope this gives you a little bit of an idea on how the training is done with me and if you are interested in learning airbrush tanning and starting your own airbrush tanning business, please visit www.1DaySprayTanTraining.com for more detailed information about the airbrush tanning certification program.

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