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New Spray Tanning Technician from Las Vegas

March started up by training 2 new students from Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is a great area for airbrush tanning die to the fact of all the entertainment and it’s also to hot to lay out in the sun in the summer time.  Sometimes I’m thinking that Las Vegas is an even better area then Los Angeles because of all the entertainment there.

DSC06079Meet Melanie and Debbie who took the 2 half day course.  Both of them want to start a mobile spray tanning business and perhaps create a spray tanning room within their home. This is the best way to get started to save money on overhead until building a client database.

Debbie decided to create her own business because she has a son who is getting old enough to perhaps move out of the house one day 🙂  It’s time for her now.

Melanie still has young kids and is working full-time but she feel she wants another challenge besides being a full-time mom and having a full-time job.  She is very business oriented, very good with people and is looking forward to building her airbrush tanning business. Both of them are now working on their website to be able to launch their business soon.


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