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Do you need a sink in your Airbrush Tanning Studio?

Recently I received an email message from a massage therapist who is interested in learning airbrush tanning and she was asking  if we needed a sink in our airbrush tanning studio. It appears she has her massage studio inside an office building.

I thought it was a good question and so I wanted to write about it.

We don’t actually need to have a bathroom or sink in our place where we do airbrush tanning.  Many office buildings have a shared bathroom with sinks and that should be sufficient enough.  So the only time we need a sink is when we clean out the spray gun at the end of the day.   Otherwise there is never a need for a sink.

The only other thing I would want to mention is, if you are in an office building then usually you have other neighbors or other businesses next to you and you might want to get a spray tanning machine that is a bit quieter in order to consider your neighbor businesses.  The good thing is that there are several affordable quieter machines available for this kind of purpose.

I do provide all the education on all the different spray tanning machines available on the market to make sure you buy the right spray tanning machine for your situation.  I do not sell any machines but I refer all my students to the direct distributors where they can purchase the machines at the best prices.  I know all the right sources where to purchase at the best rates and some distributors even provide student discounts.

If you are considering my airbrush tanning training then you don’t have to purchase any machine or equipment upfront in order to come to the training.  I actually have 4 spray tanning machines available to my students and we talk about the differences in all these machines and also which spray guns are the best.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me my calling or texting (818) 674-9621 or feel free to read the FAQ section here.


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