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Delaware – Another State To Implement Tanning Bed Restrictions Law For Minors

DelawareJust found out that the state of Delaware is now also banning teens under 18 from using tanning beds to be effective January 2015.  I feel for the tanning salon businesses because I know that a lot of the revenue is generated from teens tanning in the beds.  Well, this might be a really great opportunity for tanning salons in Delaware to learn airbrush tanning or get the spray tanning booth to be able to offer some options to teens.

This is also a great opportunity for anyone in Delaware to start their own Mobile Airbrush Tanning business and then target teens or organize spray tanning parties in sororities, schools, dance studios etc. I can’t emphasize enough that this is a great opportunity for Mom’s to learn airbrush tanning cause it gives the flexibility that is needed to be able to be a mom and then still earn a great income doing spray tans.  The best part is that it is easy to get into this business because in most states there is no cosmetology license required to do airbrush tanning.  Only the state of Oregon has that requirement where you need a Cosmetology license in order to do this business.

So if you are interested in getting in to this business, please feel free to read through this site or read up on what my training program includes by visiting www.1DaySprayTanTraining.com.


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New Tanning Bed Restriction Laws in Minnesota & Indiana – Perfect Time To Learn Airbrush Tanning

As of July 2014, new tanning bed laws have been placed in effect for the state of Minnesota and Indiana.  In Minnesota anyone under the age of 18 is no longer allowed to use tanning beds and in Indiana anyone under 16 will no longer be permitted.  There are so many other states already that have tanning bed restrictions which makes it perfect for many to learn airbrush tanning.  And luckily it is an easy trade to learn once you receive professional training.  I am forcasting that one day, being an airbrush tanning technician is a regular trade just like being a hair dresser, a nail technician etc.  You can click here to read up on tanning bed restrictions for minors for all the different states.

California was the first state to adopt restrictions and many other states are following along now.  The truth is everyone still loves to be tanned as we look much healthier and we also feel much happier then and in turn, life just happens to be just better. That’s why I call airbrush tanning the ultimate happy maker and if you have never tried it before I encourage you to look for an airbrush tanning technician within your city.  You can click here and it will lead you to a directory to find an airbrush tanning technician within your city/state.  Airbrush tanning is actually one of the most popular beauty treatments now because it gives you instant gratification and only takes about 10 minutes to be sprayed.  To get that tanning darkness from spray tanning in 10 minutes, it would require a person to be out in the sun for hours or even days.  With my kind of fair skin type, I could actually never achieve a tan outside in the sun or in tanning beds and this is why I love airbrush tanning so much.

Based on all these tanning bed restrictions it’s actually a perfect time to start your own airbrush tanning business and I always recommend to start a mobile airbrush tanning business first because it will save you money by not having much overhead cost. Plus many people love to get their airbrush tan in the convenience of their home.  Specifically mothers who sometimes can’t find a baby sitter to watch the children.  They call us to spray them at their house so they don’t have to leave their children with a baby sitter.

If you want to know how much money you need to invest to start your own mobile airbrush tanning business, I encourage you to enter your name and email here at this website (click here) and then this will give you an idea of how much you will need to invest.  Also, remember that we do have financing options available for the training through Paypal.

And if you have any questions feel feel free to call or text me directly at (818) 674-9621.  I am always to happy to hear from you and any questions are welcomed.


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