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Example Video on Airbrush Tanning Training


Because I get many phone calls from students inquiring on how the spray tanning training is done, I decided to make a quick video demonstrating how the airbrush tanning training is done at the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  The spray tanning training is very hands-on and I am actually right next to students guiding them in every step and of course correcting them when they don’t do something right.  I know many of my students always think that learning airbrush tanning is easy and it is…but you actually need to practice with the spray gun and practice spraying models in order to get comfortable with the gun.  And also knowing all the details on how the solution reacts on different skin types since the outcome is different depending on what skin type the person is.

This video was taken with Nikki Bee, one of my previous student from Las Vegas.

Watch this video...

Now you are probably wondering…what makes my spray tanning technique different from other spray tanning techniques out there?  You just have to come and learn from me and let me show you but here are some of the pointers:

If you learn my spray tanning technique:

  • your clients will be dry immediately once you are done with spray tanning them
  • you will not use any barrier cream on hands and feet and yes, we do spray hands and feet to make them look very natural
  • we don’t need to use any sticky feet so you can save approximately $.75 cents for each client
  • we don’t need to use prep spray at all and yes, all spray tans turn out great
  • your studio, room or location will stay clean and overspray will not stick to walls and floor
  • you will not enhale a lot of overspray saving your lungs from getting ill
  • you save money on solution because the way others teach, you would have to use double on the solution
  • plus your tans will look flawless, even if you are a beginner

I hope this gives you a little bit of an idea on how the training is done with me and if you are interested in learning airbrush tanning and starting your own airbrush tanning business, please visit www.1DaySprayTanTraining.com for more detailed information about the airbrush tanning certification program.

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This Weeks Certified Airbrush Tanning Technicians are from Texas

very important to wear a protective mask while doing spray tans

very important to wear a protective mask while doing spray tans

This weekends students came from Texas.  Amanda is from Dickinson, Texas and Barbie is from Laredo, Texas.  Both of them are long-term friends.  Originally, Amanda wanted to learn how to airbrush tan and then she told her friend Barbie about it and then Barbie got interested as well.  They both decided to get into this venture at the same time but work in two separate cities.  Barbie was originally only interested to learn airbrush tanning so she could tan herself since she has very fair skin, but after going through the training this weekend, she is actually thinking now about doing it as a business too in Laredo, Texas since that city does not offer any airbrush tanning services.

Amanda is a nurse and has a little son and she now wants to build her spray tanning business in Dickinson, Texas.  They both had an opportunity to use different spray guns during the training and are going home today to purchase everything so they can get started next week.

At the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy we give you the opportunity to test out different spray tanning machines and guns before you buy.  After the class you can then decide which machine and gun you like best and then purchase the machine directly from a distributor. We don’t sell you anything – we just give you the education on spray tanning machines and spray tanning solutions so you can then decide on your own what will work best for your situation.

DSC06536As you can see from the above picture, wearing a mask during spray tanning is very important and I also always talk about protection for you as well as for your clients.  Plus the FDA also has recommendations that we should follow.  The above masks are only good if you are spray tanning in a very good ventilated environment.  A different mask has to be used when spray tanning in a closed up room and I share all of that with my students during the spray tanning training class.

If you read this and are also interested in learning airbrush tanning and starting your own independent airbrush tanning business, I encourage you to read up more about the spray tanning training program at www.1DaySprayTanTraining.com or feel free to call or text me directly at (818) 674-9621 as I am always happy to talk with everyone.

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