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Video Conference / Online Spray Tanning Training

Want To Learn How To Spray Tan Through Our Video Conference/Online Spray Tanning Training Class?


I recently trained Janine from the Chicago area through live online video.  Unfortunately she was not able to fly to Los Angeles to get the hands-on training and she wanted to learn how to spray tan bodybuilders within her Gym.   She is training for her bodybuilding competition and she explained that there are no bodybuilder spray tanners in her area and her trainer tans all the bodybuilders by hand for each competition.  Very dedicated trainer I must say…but I can also imagine how much time it takes for him to do.

So I took on the challenge again to train Janine over live video conferencing.  I did this in previous years with 2 students from Hawaii. It was actually really fun and we enjoyed speaking over the Internet almost as if she was here in my airbrush tanning studio in Los Angeles.  We tested her Internet speed and I also have very fast Internet speed so it worked out really amazing.  The training took much longer and was much more challenging but I am always up for those challenges and am very happy to help another woman get into this business.  I am amazed with how technology has improved over the years and what we are able to do now because of the technology.

We spent a few weeks together meeting a few hours here and there.  I am always very careful not to overwhelm everyone and like to give everyone time to process the information.  I also made a lot of videos for Janine.  In addition, I spray tanned a person in front of the video camera so she was able to see and hear how I spray tan people.  And she also spray tanned several people on her end as I was able to walk her through and correct her in some techniques.  I was really amazed with how well Janine did.  She explained that she was watching the videos I made for her over and over again.

So if you are a person that wants to learn airbrush tanning and can’t fly to Los Angeles, I want to encourage you to contact me and consider my online video spray tanning training.  It can be done over the Internet and I make customized videos for each of my students until they get it.  Those videos are very detailed and very thorough. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from my previous students.  I have about 35 videos which is about 3 hours now on all topics in Airbrush Tanning and how to have a spray tanning business and I am so confident that this will turn anyone into a pro.  Click here to see just a quick example video clip.  In addition to the videos we meet privately through video conferencing and discuss everything in detail.  You will have lot’s of time to ask me questions about everything there is to know.  I mentor and coach all my students until they get it and become successful.

I wish I would have had this training available when I got started in this business.   It was not available at the time I got started and this is why I felt there was a need for hands-on and customized spray tanning training.  This is why I developed this training program and so far it has helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs to start their own airbrush tanning business in many other cities and states and countries. I hope I will be blessed with health so I can continue to give back and help others get into this wonderful business.


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