Licensing Agreement

Hollywood Airbrush Training Academy

License Agreement


As a current or past student of Hollywood Airbrush Training Academy (HATA), you have been granted a limited license to use these techniques that are being taught or have been taught to you. In order to use these techniques, HATA wishes to be clear about the terms of this license, which are found below:


  1. HATA will grant a limited license to you, which will allow you to use the techniques taught at HATA for your own tanning business.


  1. You may not use the techniques taught at HATA to teach others how to spray tan, unless you are granted an additional license from HATA. This includes modifying these techniques.


  1. All techniques, processes, instructions, logos and names are the proprietary property of HATA. With the exception of what you are granted in this license agreement, you are not permitted to use any proprietary property of HATA without first obtaining a license from HATA. This includes, but is not limited to, posting any part of HATA’s techniques, in the form of photos or video, on any on-line service, such as Face Book.


  1. Your license is not transferable to any third party. If you sell your business, then this license will terminate.


  1. HATA shall have the right to enforce this license agreement, which will include both in equity and legal claims. This license agreement shall not be modified without the express written approval by HATA.


By reading this license, you are agreeing to its terms. If you disagree with this license, you must stop using the techniques that were or are being taught to you, and destroy any material that was given to you.

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