Spray Tanning Tip – How To Make A Spray Tan Last Longer

Tips On How To Make A Spray Tan Last Longer


woman in bikiniI’ve been asked many times by my own clients and my students on how to make a spray tan last longer so I wanted to write about it for everyone to read. It starts first with the spray tanning technique.  If the spray tanning technician sprays too far away, then the tans usually don’t come out dark enough and the spray tan usually fades away within 3 days.  Many people think that is the fault of the spray tanning solution but it is not necessarily the problem of the solution unless the solution has been exposure to too much air and the DHA ingredient has been developed already. To test out the solution, you can take a cotton swab and put a drop of the solution on your finger.  If the spot on your finger turns out brown in a few hours, you know that the solution is still ok. If a spray tan technician sprayed a person correctly with good solution, then a spray tan should last at least 1 week.  But there are certain circumstances when the spray tan might not last as long as one week.


Reasons why your spray tan might not last as long as one week:

  1. Excessive sweating in extreme workout sessions, for example spinning/cycling classes
  2. Using the sauna
  3. Going into the swimming pool or Jacuzzi or having a long bath
  4. Getting a massage
  5. Taking 3 showers daily
  6. Living in humid areas such as Florida, Hawaii etc. where you sweat a lot because of the humidity

Now let’s discuss how you can make a spray tan last longer:

  1. The most important routine is hydrating your skin from the inside and outside.  From the inside I mean by drinking lot’s of water and from the outside by applying lotion on your body on a daily basis.  It does not even matter what lotion you are using so as long as you are moisturizing your body with lotion on a daily basis after taking a shower. This prevents the skin from drying out so the skin cells don’t have a chance to shed.  To read more on shedding skin cells and how our skin works, you can read a great article by clicking here.  When you moisturize on a daily basis you are basically preventing your skin from drying out and hydrated skin looks healthy and beautiful and I think we all aim for that healthy, glowy and beautiful look. I also would not recommend using baby oil because baby oil makes our skin too soft and you could actually rub your tan too much and it will rub off and fade very bad.  So for me baby oil is a no go.  I’ve tried it several times on my own skin and my spray tan looked horrible and blotchy afterwords.
  2. Another way to make your spray tan last longer is by using spray tan extending moisturizer.  Most tan extenders are usually creams or lotions made with a small percentage of DHA (that magic ingredient that turns our skin tan) and when applying daily after the shower, the spray tan could last approximately 10-14 days.  Please note that self tanning creams/lotions are not recommended to be applied on top of your spray tan because they contain too much DHA and can actually ruin your spray tan when applying on top…unless of course, most of the spray tan has faded and then self tanning creams or lotions can be applied again.
  3. The 3rd option on how to make a spray tan last longer is to just limit the showers you are taking daily 🙂 ha, ha ….but I know that this might not be an option for most 🙂 There are some people who take a shower 3 times and some who shower one time a day and the tan will not last as long if you are showering 3 times a day because with each shower you are washing away a little bit of the spray tan.

I hope these tips will help and as I mentioned in the beginning, everything starts from the spray tanning technique and the distance the spray tanning technician is using.  If a spray tan technician sprays too far away then the tan can never last a week or longer because most of the solution can not be absorbed by the skin and washes off after the first shower.

If you are reading this blog post and perhaps have an interest in learning how to airbrush tan or starting your own Mobile Airbrush Tanning business, I encourage you to contact me at (818) 674-9621.  My spray tanning technique is unique and flawless (even for beginners) and my spray tans last longer than 1 week and are not sticky and don’t smell.  These are the compliments I get all the times from my own clients and this is what I teach to each and every student of mine. Plus I teach you about many of the different spray tanning solution available on the market – to be unique and stand out as an airbrush tanning technician you must know about the different brands and colors to use for different skin types/tones.

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Latest Certified Airbrush Tanning Technician from South Korea


The last several month I have been very busy with training many new spray tanning entrepreneurs from all over the country. Training has been keeping me very busy and because of that I do not always have free time to write new updates here. I do however write short updates on our Facebook Fan Page so if you want to check it out just click here.

But today, I wanted to write about my most recent student who came here from South Korea. At first I did not even realize that airbrush tanning could also be popular in Asian countries because I originally thought that they don’t like tanning.  However as I found out, this is slowly changing throughout the years.

Ae Kyung LeeAe Kung came from the city of Daejeon which is approximately 1 hour away from Seoul, Korea. She owns a tanning salon with tanning beds and also belongs to an association with lot’s of bodybuilders and all the bodybuilders are still using the creams to prep themselfs for the bodybuilding competition.  So she decided to come to America to learn spray tanning and then bring this to Korea.  Our challenge waas that she could not speak English and I could not speak Korean but luckily she was able to find a local translator who helped us communicate.  I was very surprised as it was a great experience and we were all able to understand each other.  Our translator was exhausted after the 2 days because she never translated for 2 days, but we all enjoyed our 2 days together.  It was actually really fun and even though I had concerns about the translations, it all went well and I would do it again anytime.

I made a quick collection of all the pictures we took throughout the training so she could keep this as a good memory of her spray tanning training.  It was her first time being in America so she was a bit afraid of coming to a country she never been to and don’t even know the language.

Here is the video slide show I made for her:

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/N77GCv2oh_o?list=UU2B6yxyMGAeExZHc2JppOvw”]

If you are also interested in learning airbrush tanning and want to find out how much money you might need to start an airbrush tanning business, I want to encourage you to sign up below to get the list of equipment and supplies needed.  You will be very surprised how little investment you need.  For those of you on a tight budget, we also have financing available so pease feel free to inquire and I will explain everything.

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Feel free to call or text me at (818) 674-9621 to ask any questions you may have. Thank you and I look forard to hearing from you and eventually training you one day.


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