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Here is my suggestion of start-up equipment and supplies. This is a list of what I truly think you need to start working as an Airbrush Tanning Technician:

Must have:

  • ​portable and foldable Tent ranges between $50 – $90.00, depending on the quality of the material and if you buy with window or without window – this is basically a preference
  • Spray Gun for light Tanning starting at $75.00 – $160.00 this is ok if you spray on a part-time basis or only spray tan 1-4 people a day
  • Spray Gun/Machine for Professional Use $159.00 to $550.00 – this is when you are tanning 15 people a day – I have been using a $430.00 machine from the beginning on because I knew I wanted to do this full-time
  • Update! I have worked out a student discount with several different distributors where you can get the professional machine (10-15 tans a day) plus a tent and starter solution for $400.00 – $550.00 (free shipping). Students who sign up for the class will get an order form to buy directly from the company.
  • Sticky Feet – 50 for $25.00 but not necessary if you use towels
  • Booster drops for $13.50 for tan strength customization, not everyone use it but I do since I really customize the tans depending on skin tone. Also needed if you spray tan African American clients. But not needed at the beginning.
  • Disposable Hair Nets – needed for all customers – 100 in each pack at $8.00
  • Extraction Fan with filter – $75/$250.00 – this will help remove the overspray in the tent
  • Solution ranges from $22.00 to $40.00 per 1 liter bottle. You can get 16 tans out of each bottle depending on your spray tan technique.
  • Nose filters – this is optional but my opinion is to always offer that to customers. $20.00 a pack of 25.
  • Airbrush Cleaner – this is the solution that you use to clean your spray gun – many forget about this but it can ruin your spray gun if you forget to thoroughly clean your gun. $15.00 a bottle
  • Mask to protect yourself while spray tanning customers $8-$10
  • Liability Insurance – starts at $350.00 per year depending on your state and how much coverage you get


  • Baby Powder – can be purchased at $1.00 - $5.00
  • Gloves – needed only at the beginning so you don’t tan your own hands while you spray tan – can be purchased Sally’s Beauty Supply store – very affordable
  • offering Lip Balm to protect the lips
  • Wash clothe
  • Clip-on Light $10.00 at Home Depot so whenever you go mobile and the location does not have enough light, then you can add on the clip on lights
  • Disposable Underwear and bras $16.00
  • Tattoos 1000 for approximately $8.00
  • Hair ties $5

Please note: I will provide all the sources of where I buy everything at the best rates once you sign up for the training course.

Many companies sell big start up packages which require you to invest a lot of money, however, I will show and proof to you that you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment and buy big startup packages.

Plus I will teach you to spray tan with no barrier cream and no prep-solution is needed. Many companies who sell those products want you to believe that you need those items for all clients, however when you learn how to spray tan through me, you will never need this

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