Founded in 2011, the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy was first introduced as and changed its name in 2012 to Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is one of the nation’s most respected spray tan training and certification programs.

Developed by leading spray tan entrepreneur, Simone Emmons, the Academy is committed to providing the best education possible in intensive one- and two-day trainings.

Sessions are conducted one-on-one and in small groups and were designed for individuals with all range of experience, including people who have never spray tanned before.

Students receive a highly personalized education that is customized to their specific background, experience and goals.

Unlike other spray tanning programs that only offer limited spray tan training, the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy curriculum has a groundbreaking two-fold focus:

    1. We provide our students with the best hands-on spray tan training available today, including in-depth review of the latest techniques, equipment and products.
    2. We offer a detailed set of sales and marketing tools, resources and strategies – a blueprint for success – to help our students reach their goal of owning their very own spray tanning business, quickly and easily.
    3. We offer ongoing consultation and support after the training is completed to make sure you will be successful in your new business

As a result, many of our students have been certified AND are already managing profitable airbrush tanning businesses. Take a look at the many students who successfully started their own Airbrush Tanning business by clicking here or click here and sign up yourself.


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Student Testimonial

I would like to say that Simone gave me so much more than just teaching me to apply a flawless spray tan!

“CONFIDENCE” i was so nervous about my technique, solution choices, equipment, pleasing my clients, advertising, etc. simone had suggested that i tan (20) people complimentary before i start charging, therefore i could get the practice and be 100% comfortable. She trained me so thoroughly that i began charging, after spray tanning only 6 people. Today, I could tan with my eyes closed because her technique is so “perfect”!

“CONTINUOUS EDUCATION” Since finishing the training with Simone, I have spoken with her MANY times. She embraces all my questions and concerns and always has time for me. Once you begin tanning people more frequently, a whole new set of questions will arise. I’ve called her with issues regarding skin types, client questions that i don’t have the answer too, different brands of solutions & other additional products, cleaning my equipment, skin reactions and so much more!

“BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE” I wish i could share with you some of her infamous quotes but you will just have to hear them from her. Simone is not just an amazing spray tan technician and teacher, OH NO! She is a very wise entrepreneur, specializing in marketing and business. My business, Glow-N-Go-Mobile Tanning was up and running within the first month due to Simone’s successful ideas and suggestions.

“FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES” Simone posted my information on her site as one of her students and a certified airbrush technician. It doesn’t get better than that, as she is extremely high ranked in all the top search engines. Google her and see for yourself. Simone is currently expanding her businesses in many ways and i have no doubt that she will be recruiting her top pupils all over the country to assist her in future opportunities!

This tanning world has proven to be bigger than i ever expected! Good luck and enjoy the experience. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher!

Louise Cole from West Hills, CA




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