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At the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy, we know how hard it can be to spend your hard-earned money, especially in these tough times.

We do not want money to be what keeps you from investing in your future. That’s why we’ve created affordable Airbrush Tanning classes for every budget.

Private, Hands-On Class

  •  Full One-Day Session (10-12 hours) – $1999.00
  •  Two Half-Day Sessions (5-6 hours/each day) – $1999.00
  •  Live Video Conferencing Training  – $1999.00

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(Training session are scheduled every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Before signing up, we suggest calling first to make sure your preferred dates are available – call (818) 674-9621 to check the dates) 

Small Group

Full One-Day Session (6-8 hours) – coming soon

This training class consists of everything available in the hands-on private class, except trainer will demonstrate the spray tan technique.  You will not be able to practice it on live models.  It’s demonstration only and you can practice at home.  This class is not private and available in a small group of up to 5 people.


Airbrush Tanning Trainer/Coach 

Are you interested in becoming an Airbrush Tanning Trainer in your city, state or country?  To become a trainer with the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy you must first take our Airbrush Tanning Technician Course to learn our unique spray tanning technique.  After that you will be eligible to work as a trainer and we license our spray tanning training program to you.  Contact us to inquire about this opportunity.

You Can Be A Spray Tan Professional

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Have Questions?

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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that you have gotten at least 10 times the value from your training session, simply let us know within seven days after you complete the training and we’ll refund you all your fees.


Personally guaranteed by Simone Emmons

Student Testimonial

I would like to say that Simone gave me so much more than just teaching me to apply a flawless spray tan!

“CONFIDENCE” i was so nervous about my technique, solution choices, equipment, pleasing my clients, advertising, etc. simone had suggested that i tan (20) people complimentary before i start charging, therefore i could get the practice and be 100% comfortable. She trained me so thoroughly that i began charging, after spray tanning only 6 people. Today, I could tan with my eyes closed because her technique is so “perfect”!

“CONTINUOUS EDUCATION” Since finishing the training with Simone, I have spoken with her MANY times. She embraces all my questions and concerns and always has time for me. Once you begin tanning people more frequently, a whole new set of questions will arise. I’ve called her with issues regarding skin types, client questions that i don’t have the answer too, different brands of solutions & other additional products, cleaning my equipment, skin reactions and so much more!

“BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE” I wish i could share with you some of her infamous quotes but you will just have to hear them from her. Simone is not just an amazing spray tan technician and teacher, OH NO! She is a very wise entrepreneur, specializing in marketing and business. My business, Glow-N-Go-Mobile Tanning was up and running within the first month due to Simone’s successful ideas and suggestions.

“FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES” Simone posted my information on her site as one of her students and a certified airbrush technician. It doesn’t get better than that, as she is extremely high ranked in all the top search engines. Google her and see for yourself. Simone is currently expanding her businesses in many ways and i have no doubt that she will be recruiting her top pupils all over the country to assist her in future opportunities!

This tanning world has proven to be bigger than i ever expected! Good luck and enjoy the experience. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher!

Student Testimonial

Louise Cole

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