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A step-by-step training program on how you can start your own profitable Airbrush Tanning Business in only 1 Day or 1 Weekend!

No experience, no long-term schooling and no Cosmetology License required


Airbrush tanning is one of the most popular beauty treatment requested all over the world.  Now it's time for you to start your own business and  crush your competition with our spray tanning training program.

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Hundreds of Successful Airbrush Tanning Entrepreneurs Were Created Here!

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Wichita, Kansas

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Los Angeles, CA

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The Fastest Way for You to Start Your Own Profitable Airbrush Tanning Business!

Keep reading to see how you can get in on this beauty business trend that’s sweeping the nation

Many people are overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of starting their own airbrush tanning business... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that you can take advantage of this opportunity now!  If you sign up for our hands-on airbrush tanning training program and learn our advanced spray tanning technique for creating flawless spray tans, you can gain an edge over your competition.   Our Spray Tanning Training Program is the ONLY complete Business-In-The-Box Spray Tanning Training Program with all the tools, resources and guidance you'll need to learn airbrush tanning and start your own Airbrush Tanning Business, acquire immediate clients and generate more referrals starting IMMEDIATELY after the training is completed.

Why Settle For Less When You Can Have The Best!

What You'll Discover in our Airbrush Tanning Training Course:

  • Learn Hands-On
    Learn hands-on in our Los Angeles or Connecticut location by spray tanning several models
  • Lot's of Videos
    10 + hours of videos in a private video membership website exclusively made for our students
  • Private Training
    Private training with no more then 2 students in each class to guarantee your success
  • The Spray Tan Advantage
    Learn how to create flawless looking spray tans, the "perfect" spray tanning technique that no one else teaches

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Some video examples of our private airbrush tanning classes:

With hundreds of successful students individually trained, we know how to set you up for success in your own airbrush tanning business.


The only airbrush tanning training school where you can find unbiased, independent, objective training & advice just to educate and empower you to have your own successful airbrush tanning business.


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What Others Are Saying:

Aileena - Wichita, Kansas

"I am so glad I chose The Hollywood Airbrush Academy! I was very hesitant at first because I live in Kansas and California is pretty far away. I was also hesitant because of the cost. But let me assure you that it is worth every penny!"

Angela - Atascadero, California

"I am a recent graduate of Simone's academy and I can not tell you how life changing and valuable her training has been for me. She is truly the master of spray tanning and I could never have been so confident and successful in this business without her training."

Courtney - Los Angeles, California

"Having been a former client of Simone's and a huge fan of spray tanning, I decided I wanted to learn how to spray tan myself and get into the industry. I attended Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy and Would give it 10 stars if I could!."

Don't make the mistake by choosing the wrong airbrush tanning training program

Since 2011

  • Flawless spray tans give you great reviews!
  • Flawless spray tans give you happy clients!
  • Happy clients equals residual income for you!
  • Flawless spray tans determine the success or failure of your spray tanning business!


If You Pass This Up, You'll Keep Making These Same Mistakes That Kills Most Spray Tanning Businesses:

  • You’re not going to be able to stand out amidst the competition. Not having a unique spray tanning technique that allows clients to put on their clothe immediately without feeling wet, sticky or smelly, will make you either "disappear" into the crowd, or you'll use the same spray tanning technique that "everybody else" uses.
  • You’re not going to be able to find clients right away.  You need to be able to find clients without having to invest lot’s of money in advertising. We’re not talking about creating Groupon deals because you will not earn enough money nor acquire long-term clients this way. At the beginning of your business you will need to learn how to acquire clients without having to spend a lot of money in advertising.
  • You won’t know about the variety of spray tanning solutions available on the market.  You’ll choose the same spray tanning solution that everyone else uses and it will take you years to find out about all the other great solution available on the market
  • You’re not going to know how to solve Spray Tanning Problems.   Every spray tanning business will experience issues with clients. The #1 thing that ruins a spray tanning business is if you have client issues and you have no expert to turn to to find out why things go wrong.

Don’t let this happen to you. We’ve taken all the guesswork, the “figuring out” and the planning of how you can stand out from the crowd. 


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