Showcasing Spray Tan Room Setup At Home


I recently had 2 students who shared their spray tan room set up with me.  Of course I was very impressed and felt that I had to share this here with everyone.

One recent student is Angela and she is from the San Luis Obispo area.  She only finished her hands-on training 3 weeks ago and was so motivated to get everything up and running.  Well here you can see the results of just one of our students.  With our hands-on training, detailed checklist and  lot’s of videos, she was able to quickly set up her own spray tan business at her home.  Here are some of the pictures from her room at home:


And here is a video that she sent us of her spray tan room.  It’s so important to make that room comfortable for your clients:


And here is another one of our previous student that set up her room within her house.  It also looks so beautiful and I am sure that her clients feel very comfortable when coming for spray tanning.

I hope this will inspire more people and also give you an idea of how others set up their own spray room within their house:



Simone’s Recent Radio Interview At LA Talk Radio

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy 65

Simone Emmons at LA Talk Radio Station

Last week I was invited to a radio show “Sam in the morning with Kelsey” and I had an opportunity to share a little bit about me and my airbrush tanning training program.  I met Sam when I was recently interviewed by another host Melissa, who is also one of our models.  Melissa has a weekly radio show and she invited me and another nearby Beauty salon to talk about our beauty industry a little bit.  You can click here to listen to that radio interview.

If you want to get to know me a little bit and find out where I am from and how I got to America and also started the idea about my airbrush tanning program, you can listen to the radio show by clicking on the video below.  I am also doing another follow up interview with the hosts Sam and Kelsey as I am inviting them to come by to me and get an airbrush tan and then we will make another show so they can talk about their experience with their first ever airbrush tan.  I love the reaction of people who have never had a spray tan so I am really looking forward to tanning them. Please stay tuned for a follow up interview soon.


Listen to radio interview...

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